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Utility Programs on Disk

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Utility disks for the TI99/4a.

These are in .dsk format and should work with MAME/MESS and similar emulators.

http://www.ti99-geek.nl/Projects/ti99dir/ti99dir.html   - TI99DIR - 
from Fred Kahl is a great tool to transfer between formats. An older version is included in the zip, Fred's website has the latest with more hardware support.


Below is a starter zip file with a number of disks, and an alphabetic  spread sheet showing the program and the disk it is on.

Some programs may be unhappy with some none TI hardware and with some emulators or emulated hardware.

If any disk seems to be missing files, corrupt, or a better one is available- please let me know in this forum thread and if possible post the newer/better version.

If anyone is not happy to have their program included please advise. All of the disks included are in common circulation.




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Apart from my own collection of disk images I also have several user group collections.  Sadly some of the files on the ancient disks have not survived well.   However if you know of a utility that you want or have a better copy of something - please post here. There are so many files called BOOT - and not every one is by J Johnson. Repetition of file names is a problem.

There is a notes section in the listing- happy to add anything useful to that column if you have anything vital and short to add for a disk already there.


I will update the zip from time to time (by a new post) if anyone suggests something I can find, or if anyone  posts a disk image to this thread..

There are an enormous number of little but useful files, quite often with no indication of who wrote them or even what they do.



If this feature proves popular I will try to get together a list of utilities in alphabetic order and where to find them but that may be down the line a while.

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Hmm.  Perhaps very little interest in this topic- 22 zip downloads, 4 likes, no comments, no programs contributed, no requests or suggestions.

However here is a second batch - 38 programs on 28 disks.    The zip file below  has only the new disks. (For the first batch of disks, the zip is only a couple of posts above!) 
Some of the disk utilities were written only for the TI controller- there are now so many mass storage devices, each with its own requirements!

There is no reason why a zipped archive should not have several versions of a program so long as we can identify what is what reliably. I could for example add my favourite Funlweb, version 3.5!  Programs scattered over several disks are a pain, especially where user groups have changed disk names and/or scattered the disks and mixed up versioning.  Some programs used hard coded disk names. I found one hard coded to DSK4. No use to me.




The pdf file in this post lists the contents of BOTH of the program zips in separately sorted lists - I have added extra notes to the programs in the first zip.

Now it's up to you to contribute or at least suggest!  I still have a pile of manuals to scan for another thread on here.


utilityprogramsDec2019.pdf Utilities2_Dec19.zip

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I've not had time to sit dow with these yet, let alone download them yet.  I did however put this threads link in my active " must to do" list for after Christmas when I'll have time to actually sit back and enjoy it.


I'm thinking all the guys getting new Christmas TIPI's will love this thread too.

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