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My first little program.  Couldn't figure out why it was rejecting "READ FREQ".... but then I shortened the variable to "FR" and all was well.




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9 hours ago, Opry99er said:

Couldn't figure out why it was rejecting "READ FREQ


FRE() is a reserved function name in Model 100 BASIC.


Z = FRE(0)

Returns the amount of memory available (free) for numeric memory in bytes


Z = FRE(' ')

Returns the amount of string space available (free) memory in bytes


(From page 14 of this document:  http://www.classiccmp.org/cini/pdf/Tandy/Model 100 Quick Reference.pdf  )


As a rule with these old dialects of BASIC - you can't create a variable that includes a reserved word.


You can use var names longer than 2 chars, but generally, only the first 2 chars were significant.




10 ABCXYZ = 99







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Cool info!  I haven't worked my way through the manual yet... just typing code that should work in other BASIC dialects and then using the quick reference card to see where I screwed up.  :) 


Thanks for the info!!

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