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I'm new here on atariage, because I need some advice.


I have bought in 2008 from Atari2600.com 2 Original Boulder Dash cartridges for the Atari 5200.


Yellow one with serial: 080 of 100 


Red one with serial: 085 of 100


I have only opened the shippingbox they came in and never the games them self, so they are new and in the seal.


So I have the Original shippingbox and bill and email proof form JC Atari2600.com.


They are Original FSS release by Atari2600.com see year 2006 (https://firststarsoftware.com/boulderdash-htm/)


I only want to know what they are worth today?


Many thanks!

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5200 homebrews don't come up for sale all that often, but having bought many of them when they did, I'd say a price of about $100 for a boxed game is generally about right.  Boulder Dash games do seem to attract a higher value sometimes.  (Amazing what people are willing to pay now for the 2600 version!)


You can check pricecharting.com for Ebay sales over time.  For this title, prices seem to be all over the place, but it doesn't seem like one has sold for a while, which might work in your favor if you're looking to sell.


Please note that some of these listings are for Boulder Dash II, which I believe is a little bit rarer with only about 100 released instead of 400 (100 in each color) for the original Boulder Dash.





2018-10-28       BOULDER DASH II ATARI 5200 COMPLETE IN BOX               $152.50

2016-12-22       *** ATARI 5200 BOULDER DASH II *** OOP #65 of 100      $299.52

2012-03-21       Boulder Dash (Atari 5200) CIB limited edition #59               $36.00



2013-01-09       *** BOULDER DASH Atari 5200 Game NEW SEALED RARE ONLY 100 MADE!! ***$71.95

2012-12-25       *** BOULDER DASH Atari 5200 Game NEW SEALED RARE ONLY 100 MADE!! ***$71.95

2011-12-18       350500372774      $62.99

2011-10-17       350454059809      $69.99


I think I'd list one in an auction starting around $100 and see what happens, assuming you really want to sell.


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