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More 2600 Protos RELEASED!

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1 hour ago, Tempest said:

There are several M-Network roms that I'd love to be able review, but they've never been made available to anyone outside of the person who dumped them (I believe it was one of the original DP guys but don't quote me on that).  The few that I've been able to do full reviews for are because a second copy has turned up somewhere.  I've been told that the roms have all been backed up and archived though, so no worries about that.

I was not aware that a 2nd copy had turned up of some of them.  Just wanted to say we appreciate your efforts and look forward to the next updates.

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19 hours ago, Jumpman1981 said:

Pardon my unfamiliarity, but, what's "Crazy" 1-3?  Are they protos of Crazy Climber?


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