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Pawel Kulakowski

Apple Exp Card

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WOW!!  I haven't seen anything like that since the last visit from the Evil Mirror Universe...



The big IC is a Fairchild TR1602-B, which according to Google is an Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter...

See PDF Page 18 of this Document:







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Posted (edited)

It does look odd... I like the backwards silk screening... With MarkO's comment above I'd be going for some kind of networking. The hardware database has some 8 cards from Mountain... but not this thing... Did it get silk screen incorrectly or is it a clone? Things to wonder about...


Out of interest whats the screen say behind the connector on the top left? The one in the middle appears to be labeled cal..

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15 hours ago, Pawel Kulakowski said:

Other connector J1 labeled "SIG IN"

I'll stick with my network or print sharing.  Some kind of serial daisy chain arrangement.

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