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SOLD: NEC PC-9821Ce Model S2

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Sold to gamecomposer. Thanks!


Anyone interested in an NEC PC-98 computer? I have a PC-9821Ce Model S2 up for sale. Comes with keyboard and mouse. The CD-ROM drive is dead, but it doesn't stop the fun -- many games can be played from floppy or HDD. Speaking of which, the floppies work just fine and the HDD has been replaced with a CF adapter and card. The CD drive is SCSI and there is an external SCSI port so you can replace the drive or use an external one if you must play CD games. This is a great PC-98 model as it has a 486sx in it for Windows 3.1 stuff, but it's not too fast for older DOS games. It has the stock 5MB of RAM and the CF card is 2GB, though the drive image I currently have on there is 500MB. 


This model has the Yamaha YM2608 sound chip for that sweet, sweet PC-98 FM music. The games for this are whacky and weird, lots of adult-type anime games if that's your bag. These are not super common in the US as they were only sold in Japan. It's a fun system to play with, but I don't need 2 of them! Monitor is NOT included; this does need a 15kHz compatible LCD/RGB monitor. Pictures are of the system playing from the CF card. Asking $300 + shipping and any payment fees. Thanks for looking!









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Congratulations on getting in there first gamecomposer ... that'll be a lovely computer to work on, I'm totally jealous!


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