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This is something I've been wanting to do since I first read about it many years ago - Taking all the SS/SD Plato disks and converting them to DS/DD.


What does this mean?

It means that the entire Plato courseware has been put onto 139 DS/DD disks instead of over 450 SS/SD disks.


I primarily did this so I could pile all the disks on to one of my Nanopebs's - starting at Volume 100 (see attached Word file)


Note that I do not have:

Seperating Fact from Fiction

Physics Elementary Mechanics


Please note - These disks must be transfered as a complete sector copy - As Plato uses sector 359 (>167) as the directory sector.


I believe I have done them all correctly, let me know if not - And yes, It was a pain in the ass! 

Plato DSDD.zip PLATOLIST.doc

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For those that may be interested, attached is 2 ways to go about the above.


The idea was originally conceived by Charlie Summerhill.


I went with the procedure that Michael Dorman came up with - West Penn newsletter.

PlatoDSDD.pdf 1988_12 WEST PENN.pdf

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