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Tandy/TRS-80 Calendar Thread for 2020 (Complete)

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I have even tho the only Tandy I have is a 1000SX still loved what you did


I wish ya did more Commodore but this one is rest of year so all good and thanks for your hard work


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On 8/11/2020 at 12:45 PM, Omega-TI said:

Just curious, has anyone even used one of these, or was it a wasted effort?

Ah to be young and not have lived through the year of computer and technology exploration at its finest.

Of course we used those model 1,3,4,2,16 etc. Hell even Coco/Coco2 found their ways into home computing.

Model 3/4 and Coco where often found in elementary school and high schools to a certain degree competing with Apple and growing IBM/MSDOS base systems.

(tid-bit for you, you know that guy that made "Microsoft", yeah that Bill Gates dude, he wrote DOS on TRS-80 long before he programmed it to run on IBM hardware... )


I learned to program assembly language, Basic and Pascal on my model 3, learned to use CP/M (which led me to become a Linux admin), ran my own Bulletin Board (think before internet existed.. yes there was such a time)  from 86-89, I processed the trs-80 forums Mail for 30 local systems for WWIVnet, Icenet and a few other on the 514 Are code (calling Indiana every night), I used my model 3 and model 4 between 1982 until 1997.

I recently took i t up again (wife suggested I needed a hobby lol) so I found some and started restoring them to life, and find them good homes to be enjoyed and again planning a bulletin board system on WIFI/Telnet format.


So, can you do all the things a new computer does.. of course not... Though it has a lot of fun games to play, plenty of various programming software packages to learn from, and a host of magazines and basic software of all sorts that have been accumulated through the decades for prosperity to be use/update again. 


Of course you have to want to explore the past a little and then discover how easy you have it now with the new computers :)


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I suggest not distorting/stretching the images to fit the page. Find something else to fill it, like specs or small images of peripherals or something.

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1 hour ago, Texas Tandy restorations said:

I suggest more accessories for next year... nice close up of FREHD, Gotek etc printers even maybe.

Nice idea... it's really early but...

NOTE:  This calendar REQUIRES legal sized paper for proper printing.




JAN2021 - TRS-80 FreHD.pdf

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well I was thinking more close up than that commercial eBay image, maybe even call out to the community and see what they have built for everyone to use as ideas or concepts, digging out projects out from darkness and maybe use the calendar to "promote" the people behind the hardware ? just thinking out loud...








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