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Turning old slow obsolete laptops into dedicated Classic 99 units

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On 12/24/2019 at 12:47 PM, wierd_w said:

Omega, you can set whatever win32 application you want to be the "Shell" for windows.


You just need to set a registry key, and bob's your uncle.




*the same key works for XP


Basically, just point that key at classic99 and see what happens.

did this once to create a kiosk program for a client. he wanted the kiosk to boot straight to his demo. worked well.   there are some things to take into consideration since there is no way to exit out of the program since there is no explorer and explorer does supply some of the file access. but it should work. if I remember right you still got the startup screen, but that can be altered too. then it would jump straight to classic99. 

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A quick search shows this simple process to disable the Welcome screen:


1. Start -> Run

2. Type: control userpasswords

3. Click "Change the way users log on or off"

4. Uncheck "Use the welcome screen" and apply it.


I did a quick test here and it also turns off Fast User Switching, but it appears to work, though it takes you to the login prompt. To bypass that you also need to set auto-login (even if you have no password set)


1. Start->Run

2. Type: control userpasswords2

3. Uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer (NOTE: this of course is killing login security on the machine, and will prevent file shares from working IIRC)


You'll have to confirm the password when you dismiss the dialog, then reboot to test. That all appears to work.


As for replacing the shell - done it in the past! If you do exit the application in question, you can always press Control-Shift-Escape to get Task Manager up. From there, File->Run will let you restart anything. (This also is true if the replacement shell is still running). There are security settings that can be used to prevent that, but if you didn't set them, you're fine. ;)


The laptop voting question is indeed moving up quickly, likely as the only item getting any votes. ;) The voting program weights newer votes heavier than older votes.


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