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For sale NSL-3 with Notator (for Atari ST series).

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For sale NSL-3 with Notator.

The NSL-3 is a device that provides 4 extra MIDI outputs to the Atari computer, a continuation of the ROM port so that it remains free when connected, and an internal dongle for the NOTATOR SL v3.21 program to work (the latest version published by C -Lab or eMagic, a program that its good users call "The Rolls Royce of Atari Sequencing").
This device and the Notator program works with the Atari ST series, that is, with these models (minimum 1 Mby of RAM):
Atari ST.
Atari STf.
Atari STfm.
Atari STe.
Atari Mega-ST.
Atari Mega-STe.
Atari STacy.
Atari STBook.

What does the abbreviation "SL" stand for?
"SL" stands for "SoftLink"; a basic multitasking system allowing you to run several programs side by side.
This could mean running Notator and a synthesizer editor/librarian all at the same time (providing you have the memory available of course), saving you a lot of time when one would normally have to quit one program to start the next one. 
Notator by pressing the "Edit" button, you can go to any of four different editing modes: Score, Event, Matrix, and from version 3 onwards, Hyperedit.

*** If using the NSL-3, DO NOT use the Notator dongle as having both inserted is unnecessary and can permanently damage the hardware! ***

A DVD full of music programs for Atari and manuals in PDF format is attached. It includes the Notator manual in Spanish, English and German; In addition to other useful information and video tutorials.
In addition to the three floppy disks with the original Notator SL v3.21 program, there is also another floppy disk with the Polyframe synthesizer universal editor. 

The price is 175 € with shipping included within the EU (and still to the UK) without customs fees.
atarieterno (at) hotmail (dot) com


NSL-3  (1).jpg

NSL-3  (3).jpg

NSL-3  (2).jpg

Pantalla principal.jpg

Score edit 1.jpg

Score edit 2.jpg

Drum edit.jpg

Hyper edit.jpg

Matrix and graphic display.jpg

Sysex edit.jpg

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