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Hi everyone,

I bought my dad an Atari Flashback 9 for christmas for us to play together.

We plugged it in today and the video worked okay but there was no sound.

After plugging it into multiple tvs and ports I found out that our menu was also different.

I have the AR3230 model which uses composite cables, but the ports we plugged everything into are known to be functional.


I'm not sure what else to do, is there a way to get the good menu and to fix the sound not working?

The only suggestions on AtGames are to turn up the volume or to unplug and replug the audio cable.

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If you mean is there a way to update it, the answer is no. You're stuck with what's there.


As to why it has no sound, I don't know. Sounds like a broken system to me.

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As for the sound have you tried different hdmi cables? There are different versions of hdmi cables and some of the changes in them involve audio. 

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