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Diagnostic Envy!

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Not only a full test harness, a dead test module, but also a website with pictures of what problems look like!

Guess we wouldn't need something like that since our hardware is better. 😃






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Great vid! I learned quite a bit just by watching him go at that poor, abused C64. He kept a good pace, so many of these get mired where they should have done some editing or fast forward of the tedious parts. He may have missed a damaged trace early on, but his techniques did take him there in due time. Funny he didn't take the time to fix his soldering iron! Or order in some Zener diodes.


I recall in one of the old magazines where they used a C64 or a TRS computer and turned it into a chip tester. Now you can buy a couple low-buck gee-whiz mini-testers for that and way more.


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