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Ultimate64 Elite

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It arrived on christmas eve. I just got it in a C64 case with keyboard. I flashed the roms and the firmware. Configure it and got an original 1541 drive connected and working. Using my slick stick. Was able to load up a sample of my friends disk collection and make them into d64 images and they work. Always wanting a real c64 this is the next best thing in my opinion. My buddy has a whole box full of disks, out of the 4 sampler pack, one floppy was bad. Otherwise, loving it. Haven't researched enough yet to see if there are any tricks to do a save state and load it up again. That'd be over the top. I don't have any real c64 carts to use as it does also have a cartridge port. Got dolphinDOS running on it for fast loading and that works pretty nicely so far. Anyway, here it is connected to an HDMI TV (I'm going 4:3 35" CRT tomorrow) as I set it up and did the flashing and testing of a disk. So nice...






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10 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

Very pretty!  My Ultimate is still in its box.  For that matter, so is my Vampire :(

I have a pre-order for the V4sa. Hopeful it'll ship in a month or so. I wish they had a Vampire stand alone that included all the original external ports. It's nice to have original HW but all of it is aging and harder to repair as time goes on. Without the communities out there designing and selling modern alternatives I'm afraid emulation on a modern computer will win out in the end. There's something about original hardware and peripherals that just make it so desirable. However, I can say that between the C64mini and the Ultimate 64 Elite, I've got myself pretty much where I've wanted to be regarding the C64 in general. And I will still get myself the full size c64mini (max)  when it comes to the US.

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Oh, BTW - I found a tutorial explaining how to use the Action reply 6 built in Cartridge to save game states. 



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