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Ultimate Extended Basic

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13 hours ago, Vorticon said:

Well XB is as simple to learn as you can get. It's already familiar to most TI users and it is quite a capable XB even without extensions, with it's major shortcoming being very slow execution speed, something Senior Falcon remedied with his XB compiler. We have over the recent years seen a renaissance of sorts with new XB programs coming out of the woodwork on almost a monthly basis, most compiled for speed and I highly doubt you are going to have a run of users trying to learn a new programming language on the TI no matter how good the specs are (think FbForth and TurboForth for example) because familiarity is comforting for many. It takes a concerted effort to learn a new language, and even longer to become proficient at it, and since the vast majority here already have years, if not decades, of experience with XB, it would be hard to put it down and go with something else. Take me for example: I know assembly, Forth and Pascal on the TI and have produced programs in all 3 languages, but nonetheless the majority of my projects remain in XB (or RXB) because it is comforting and so easy to work with, and I bet that feeling is shared by many users as well.

Therefore, what retroclouds is trying to do actually makes a lot more sense than coming up with an entirely new language. Don't get me wrong, your wish list is very appealing, but as you said, pie in the sky...

See, this is my situation. I want a program that has good documentation, at least supported by more than two people, and can do some work with little learning curve. I found that in Turboforth. Then I came across a bump in the road, it occupies the cart port. Then Lee reminded me that TI forth freed up that port. And in like, yeah, but the reason for choosing TF in the first place was it already had new and powerful words, like FB does and camel does, but I had already spent a good 6 months learning TF practically on my own, (utube videos, asking questions on the forum),  AND I still have more to learn  its a total dedication to learn one of these, especially when youre mind,(and maybe this is the real reason), isn't as snappy as it used to be. And no offense, it's always easier to say, hey learn this it'll solve your problem, then it doesn't. A lot of why the languages are scarce is because the memory of the machine is low and, even though great things can be written in forth, without the SAMs 1mb card, I would not even attempt writing at all, but RXB, TF, FB forth are becoming stronger as we dip into that SAMs card. I was shocked at what I was able to write in TF with the SAMs card being available. But now that SAMs is out, we need libraries that take advantage of that space. Then any of those languages get easier to use.

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