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Atarivox problems

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Received my Atarivox a few days ago and it works great with my 2600.  Today I went to use it with my Vectrex and I can't figure out the DIP switches.

The board layout and switch settings don't seem to be the same as in the manual.

Default setting in the manual appears to be 123 down and 45 up.  Default on mine was 12 down and 345 up.  Now if I flip it over so the numbers are upside down, it looks the same as what's illustrated in the manual.

If I try to configure VecVox or VecVoice the same way, it shorts out and shuts down my Vectrex.

Now if I flip it around and and try again for VecVox, it initializes and but says VecVoice?  If I play Yasi, I get no speech.  If I put it back to the way it came, it plays fine in my 2600.


Is there an updated switch setting for Rev. 2?

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5 hours ago, Richard H. said:

AtariVox - off off on on on

VecVox  -  on off off off off

VecVoice - off on off off off


Thank you!  Works great with my Vectrex now.


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There are updated dip switch settings for the new version of the AtariVox+, and I didn't actually realize this until a few days ago.  I built another large batch (as part of my efforts to get caught up on orders by early next week), and when testing all three modes, that's when I realized the dip switches had changed.  I was using a new graphic Richard sent me as a reference, and it wasn't until I compared that with the existing manual that I realized they were different. 


The manual will be updated soon to reflect these changes, as well as some others, such as the fact that a header is no longer included.  And the list of supported games on the back will be amended.  With the next batch, I'll print this graphic out as a sticker and put it on the inside of the AtariVox case.  I'll also print out a sheet to include with the older manuals with the updated dipswitch settings and will include that inside the manual and cross out the old dip switch chart.  I'll also send an email out to everyone who purchased the first batch of AtariVox+ units I sent out to alert them that the switches have changed.  Fortunately I think only a small percentage of people are using them with a Vectrex (versus the 2600, which is the default setting), so hopefully nobody else has run into this yet.


Here's a graphic with the updated switches:


Sorry for the confusion.



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Hi Albert, I finally received my AtariVox, thanks for shipping, the package is very nice. 


I also had some initial issues getting it to work, due to the switch settings, but luckily I remembered a thread on the Facebook group that mentioned it. That thread mentions the switches are reversed, but it looks to me that the settings as shown in the manual I have are simply swapped between VecVox and VecVoice.


Another thought, when you look in the manual at the switches, it's not obvious if the white square or the black square indicates where you put the switch. You can work it out from the photo in the manual that it's the black square, but that actual switches on the device are definitely white!


Now, after hearing someone on the Facebook forum had some issues with their AtariVox, I gave mine a tryout on three different Vectrexes using Berzerk Ultimate/VecVox. 

- Two worked OK.

- One didn't, you could make out parts of sentences initially, but the sentences became more broken after 5 or 10 seconds playing and then were not audible after maybe 20 to 25 seconds. A Vectrex power cycle restored it to partial working but then becoming broken again. I didn't test a Vectrex reset.


I'd be interested to know if there is a solution to this.

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