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Asteroids arcade controller - Interest check poll

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Greetings!  :D 


I don't often post in these parts of the AtariAge forums, but I have a good reason to do so today: I am currently running a poll in the ColecoVision sub-forum as an interest check for a high-quality arcade-style Asteroids controller. This controller, if it becomes reality, would be immediately compatible with the Atari 2600 and 7800 versions of Asteroids (and probably a few other Atari games as well, like maybe Gravitar). So I figure some Atari fans could be interested in pre-ordering it. I invite you to drop by the poll thread and answer the questions of the poll, but before you do, please read the first post of the poll thread to get all the available information about the proposed controller.





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Hello again.  :) 


I just want to announce that we are going full steam ahead with the Asteroids Controller! If you voted favorably in the poll and/or are interested in pre-ordering this controller, please visit the linked post below for more information!



Thank you!  :) 


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