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What console would you keep if you were allowed only one?

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Hmm,  well I only have two consoles running at the moment,  So I guess I'd take the PS4.   Since all the games are installed digitally on it, There will be room left in my bag for the five carts.   In that space I will pack my Wii which has all the homebrew emulators installed :)

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This would be a tough one... I'd probably choose between the SNES and the PS1. 


I'll go ahead and choose the PlayStation 1. As for my "five games", I'd go with...

-Front Mission 3

-Final Fantasy IX

-Mega Man X4

-Mega Man Legends

-Um Jammer Lammy


I had a hard time limiting these down, and I excluded several honorable mentions for me like Legend of Dragon, Grandia, Threads of Fate, Final Fantasy Tactics, Twisted Metal 2, Future Cop LAPD, Dino Crisis, Spyro the Dragon, Mega Man Legends 2, Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Mega Man X5, and I could keep going but I'll stop. XD

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7 hours ago, bluejay said:

Having so many people choosing multicarts and SD cards, fine, you can include them, but you can't just choose the entire library


You just wrecked the framework of your own idea, man! You let them get in your head...

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I would go with a PS4 even though I love my old retro systems.


1. Witcher 3 - Too many hours to put into this game to not have it.
2. Nioh - So much replay-ability with the Diablo style loot hunting and character builds.
3. Nex Machina - If I picked the SNES then Smash TV would be on it and this game scratches that itch, gotta have an arcade style shooter.
4. Monster Hunter World - Another game with a stupid amount of replay-ability. 
5. Sega Genesis Classics - Yes this is a cheat game but it fits the criteria, it's an officially released title.


If the Sega Genesis Classics is too much of a cheat then I would take Dragons Crown, such a great game and I would need a side scrolling beat em up.

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