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doubledown's SF2 / Twin2 Edition - VVG Enhanced Controller

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I've been on a mission as of late to make arcade-type sticks/controllers for all of my consoles to enrich my game-play experience, and I've finally gotten around to my SNES.  So unveiling my:


SF2 / Twin2 Edition – VVG Enhanced Controller:

(Super Famicom-Street Fighter / Twin Stick-Twin Control)




Built into a Hammond Mfg. 20" x 11.25" aluminum enclosure, and featuring:

*(2) iL Eurostick 8-way joysticks w/ Cherry micro-switches

*(2) iL extended length, threaded SST shafts

*(2) Sanwa LB-35, 35mm ball-knobs (Dak Hai)

*(6) iL PSL-L concave push-buttons w/ Cherry micro-switches (1 ea. Green (Y) /Blue (X) /Yellow (B) /Red (A) & 2 Light Gray (L&R))

*(2) iL PSL/CV convex push-buttons w/ Cherry micro-switches (2 Dark Gray (Select & Start))

*SNES controller donor PCB & cable

*Custom C.P. artwork overlay


So basically its your run-of-the-mill arcade stick, with era-correct arcade components...featuring a Street Fighter button layout, and a 2nd stick wired in as a twin input for the Y/X/B/A buttons.  The 2nd stick allows for arcade-accurate controls when playing Crazy Climber (Nichibutsu Arcade Classics), Robotron: 2084 (Williams: Arcade's Greatest Hits), Super Smash TV, and Total Carnage.  



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