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SOLD 130+ 8bit disks and 20 blanks

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I acquired these years ago as part of an estate sale.  The owner was an Atari Club member and had a lot of stuff, including these disks.  I'm purging most of that collection.  I'm not selling these on eBay because that would be a nightmare.  I have only tested a few of the disks.  I have compiled a list (below) from labels on some of the disks so it is not exhaustive.  A large number of the disks do not have a label indicating what if anything might be on them.  I do not have the time, patience or knowledge to test and list each disk.  Please see the list for notes I have made on the disks I did test.  I'll do my best to test certain disks upon request.  I'm asking $30 USD for shipping to anywhere in Canada/USA (shipping from Canada is unfortunately expensive); plus the highest offer received by the end of 2020-01-26.  For example if the highest offer is $32 ($30 shipping + $2 offer) then I'll ship it to that person.  Please make offers via the forum so it's transparent.  I think that will be fair.  


1.    Leisure Suit Larry 3 MS-DOS (8 disks) but says Atari 800Xl on sleeve.  Could not get it to work on 800xl.  
2.    Dialogue, Lost Treasure, Math Quiz
3.    RAMDisk 800XL Oct. 86 Compute
4.    BC QUEST, Bluemax, DropZone, Megamania
5.    Spystake, Sargon 2, Karmia, Up Up and Away
6.    Captian?  Captain
7.    Speedway, Tapper
8.    Visicalc, Atariwriter
9.    ALF Crunch
10.    WordFun, WordFont
11.    One on One, Santa
12.    Hockey
13.    1st Xlent Word Processor
14.    Countdown, Springer, Diamond
15.    S.A.M. tested working
16.    XE Term
17.    Exterminator, Final Flight, Venus Voyager, Fire One, Bezerk
18.    Soloflight
19.    About 10 Analog Disk Issues 1989
20.    Think
21.    Timewise
22.    Atari Master Diskette 3
23.    Various DOS 2.5 and 3 disks, Utilities
24.    Translator
25.    Bristles, SpyHunter, Baseball, Subcommander
26.    Money Tools
27.    Antic Vol.6 #1 Anniversary Issue
28.    Jump Man – loads but says to remove cartridge although none are installed.
29.    Another Ramdisk – disk
30.    Atari Proofreader
31.    Valentin.ES1
32.    26 disks from Gemini Atari Shareware Division - some labels indicate 'games, music'
33.    16 disks from Bellcom Public Domain Software Library

34.    All the Sesame Street disks work perfectly!

2020-01-11 16.33.36.jpg

2020-01-11 16.37.57.jpg

2020-01-11 16.53.46.jpg

2020-01-11 17.06.44.jpg

2020-01-11 17.07.08.jpg

2020-01-11 17.08.54.jpg

2020-01-11 17.09.57.jpg

2020-01-11 17.10.42.jpg

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