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Interest Check: German Amiga 600 w/CF hard drive and 1 MB trapdoor expansion

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So lately I've been thinking about culling the herd in my collection and getting rid of systems that I don't mess with anymore, and then replacing them with a MiSTer setup. One of these systems happens to be my Amiga 600. It's a German unit which means it has a German keyboard (natch) and outputs PAL/50 Hz video. It's in working order and the previous owner went ahead and replaced the caps. I've also added a CompactFlash hard drive so it has Workbench preloaded (forget which version) and can run WHDLoad. I haven't upgraded it beyond that though I just now ordered a 1 MB trapdoor RAM expansion for it.


That all said, it's not exactly pristine. The top case is slightly yellowed and right now it's missing the floppy drive and a few case screws. I do have those on order however, so it'll be whole again soon. The RF modulator is completely missing but I don't know who would use RF on an Amiga in this day and age. I also don't have a monitor cable for it, I've just been using a homemade adapter so I can use it with one of my pre-existing RGB SCART cables. I used to use this on my PVM and OSSC so the 50 Hz video was never an issue with me. The mouse and a US power supply would be included, these were from my old A500 before I sold it.


Would anyone here be interested in such a setup?


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