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Free Intellivision Games, Overlays, Manuals, & Some Misc. Stuff

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Update 01/15/2019


First, thanks so much for the subs to the channel. I appreciate you so much!


Everything has been claimed at this time. Two boxes headed out today, two are waiting for mailing address info (check your PMs if you wrote me). All PMs have also been answered.






Hi everyone!


I've got some extra Intelly games, manuals, overlays, and some loose stuff I can send you for free. I only ask for the following kindness in exchange:


* Please only take what you need or can use. I'm happy to send individual items on request to a good home - your home. :) 

* I love peeps from all over the globe, but I can only ship these items within the con-US 48 since they are free. Customs charges might be a bit much.

* Promise you have subscribed to my YouTube channel about repairing, restoring, and modding video game hardware and other video game content here: http://www.youtube.com/blainelocklair


That's it. Drop me a PM if you see something you'd like mailed to you and I'll mark each as claimed in the thread as they're spoken for.








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I'm a subscriber and highly recommend your channel.  Good content!

I don't need any of these items, but it is sure nice of you to offer them. 

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