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José Pereira

Someone posted in some topic: game 2screens scroll horizontally opposed...

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Who posted this and where?

I just wanted to answer and help because if I'm not mistaken it was by @Creature XL that seems is out of here for some time May 31st last year and I hope he's fine (or @Eagle maybe not).

Wasn't it?

It was the screen divided in 2 where one is using, I think said by him a hardware horizontal scrolling while the other is 'above this and scrolls in software.

It was a nice effect and I think it was using Bitmap mode GR.15. Maybe if the two have a black 'over' division it could be using Char mode GR.12 or GR.13 because it'll prevent a PF2/PF3 clash, wouldn't it?


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The only game that rings a bell for me is Capture the Flag.


2 players, 2 windows in the same vertical space.  I should think that HScrolling isn't going on there, it's 2.5D raycasting which is generally rendered in it's simplest form by drawing vertical lines representing the walls.

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