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Car Wars: No Modern-Style Manual in US?

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Based on some research, it would appear as though Car Wars was the only TI-99/4A game (I have not explored utility/education carts) that saw a "modern-style" manual release exclusively outside of the US market. Below I came across the dual-language modern-style Canadian release and also the European (UK/France?) modern-style, but no English-only US version seems to exist. TI99.eu confirms the Canadian release and EU release in modern styling. Seems like a strange decision on TI's part. While hard to find, I do know that Car Wars beige carts with modern-style red labels do exist in the US, but it seems as though the matching manuals never came to be here in the US.


Curious if anyone is privy to additional information on this or if it's simply a weird production quirk.

Car Wars Can.jpg

Car Wars EU.jpg

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I have both the Canadian and the European versions of this manual--but copies of the US version have never surfaced, so it is unlikely to exist.

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11 minutes ago, sixersfan105 said:

Nicely done, @--- Ω ---! And how very punny of you! Also just noticed on the Canadian version the French title is literally just "Cars"...TI had some bad translators!

Thanks.  I left off the "solid state cartridge" because now days people have different ways to save and load programs.  Ahh, you caught the 'item' in the picture.  😉 

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A modification, used in reference to video games. A variation of a game's engine and graphics to create a new game.

Valve relies heavily on modding, with Counter-strike, Day of Defeat, and Garry's Mod all being mods of Half-life.

Here's a mod for ya. :)


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