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Kaz Kompo - Vote for Best Game of 2019 - this week!

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I've not seen this posted here but on atarionline.pl the Kaz Kompo has returned: Vote for the best game of 2019


In ancient times, the January tradition at AtariOnline.pl was voting for the best Atari game in the world, KazKompo (KK). Then the competition editions were delayed, and in 2016 it would take place with a long delay in December 2017. The next ones for 2017 and 2018 did not take place at all, because there were not enough people for us to be ready to vote on several dozen games in time. Whoever thinks it's trivial does not know the enormity of the work that needs to be done to make sure that all games from around the world have been collected, properly described and presented, how many controversial decisions should be made whether a given game should take part in the competition or not . But then we invite you to the group of people preparing the CC to get acquainted with this enormity and doubts. As I mentioned on the forum, we intend to make up for these deficiencies for 2017 and 2018 and to give games the best titles in those years, but for now we are focusing on 2019.



All the games are listed on the link but I guess we can vote here too, it's tricky with so many games last in the year, including several conversions, plus theres all the 10 liners listed in the mix!


Vote for 10 games 1st best to 10th in order and put a comment about each one.

Deadline 25th Jan (I think it's 11:59pm!) that's not long!





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