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Holiday weekend project: CDI portable

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A recapping nightmare, with perhaps three dozen surface mounted barrel caps, some having only a millimeter or two clearance, i resorted to adding about three millimeters to each boss, so that the lowest circuit board could breathe a little.


I need to source a better screen, as the oem one has gone the way of the washed-out nineties screens, since there is already a composite output i can probably find a back-up camera screen.


Any link to a CDi burning guide would be appreciated. I tried making a Hotel Mario disc, but although it is recognized and starts, it quits to a “dirty disk” message soon after.


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7 hours ago, towmater said:

Any link to a CDi burning guide would be appreciated

I should have specified "on a modern Mojave Mac". I was using Toast, but that app recently died of 32-bitness.  


BTW, this darn Sony thing is fully portable (uses a camcorder battery,) color, and pretty advanced for something that came out within a year of the original GameBoy.

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Update: DiscJuggler and ImgBurn running on Windows under Parallels would not acknowledge the Phillips disc format.


macOS Disk Utility has removed the image writing function.


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Not sure what to say, CUE/BIN files are Mode2/2352 which is pretty standard, there's a couple of titles that are harder to make work (Apprentice being one of them, needs the original DiscJuggler/CloneCD) but the vast majority burns just fine on real Windows + ImgBurn.

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47 minutes ago, phoenixdownita said:

CUE/BIN files are Mode2/2352

That's oddly precisely what it says it can't fathom...

Screenshot 2020-01-20 21.59.10.jpg

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try to open the CUE file with a text editor and change CDI/2352 to MODE2/2352 and see if it works.

I spot checked a couple of my CUE/BIN (and some CUE/ISO even) and that's how they are declared.



FILE "Creature Shock Disc 1 of 2 (CD-i).BIN" BINARY
  TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

EDIT: also found this tidbit of info related to CD-i ready discs:


CD-i discs aren't copy protected and you're not the first one who want to burn an image of their CD-i game to try with the CD-i emulator. 
Unfortunately, the Green Book has a few obscure formats, like CD-i Ready. CD-i Ready is a compact disc format based on the CD-i format.
CD-i format and CD-i Ready format use different techniques to get audio CD players to skip over the CD-i software and data. 
CD-i Ready places the software and data in the pregap of Track 1. Standard CD-i format places the software and data into ordinary tracks, 
but omits the tracks from the table of contents. In this way SPC Vision was able to press the music trakcs of their videogames as an audio CD on the same CD-i. 
In an audio CD player, the music would be played just as a normal audio CD. In a CD-i player, the game would start. 
Excellent idea! The only downside now is these discs are very hard to copy. 

Not working? The only thing to think of is to try another computer and CD-ROM drive if you have access to other PC tech. 
Then you might find a drive that works. If you're using Windows 98 it might be worth inserting, ejecting and inserting the CD again!
On the first run the CD is recognised as an AudioCD then after you eject/insert it doesn't. Crazy I know!Most CD-i Ready discs can be copied using CloneCD. 
Sometimes small errors still occur, but I've never had a non-working copy from CloneCD. Though the problem is whether your CD/DVD drive is capable of reading CD-i Ready discs correctly. 
If your drive can't handle the discs, even CloneCD will fail.

Known CD-i ready discs are:

-A Christmas Songbook
-Alien Gate
-Beyond Limits
-Lucky Luke
-Louis Armstrong
-Dark Fables of Aesop
-More Dark Fables of Aesop
-Opera Imaginaire
-Steel Machine
-The Apprentice
-Dimo's Quest
-The Worlds of...

On this special type of CD-i the CD-i data track is stored in pause sectors preceeding track 1. 
That way it's possible to play a CD-i (containing both audio and data) either in a CD audio or a CD-i player.
In fact that most burning tools investigate the content of a CD by using the TOC (Table of Contents), they won't recognize the hidden data track.
Get a trial version of CloneCD here: http://www.slysoft.com
Also, if you know more CD-i Ready discs, please post them below!


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59 minutes ago, phoenixdownita said:

try to open the CUE file with a text editor and change CDI/2352 to MODE2/2352

Well, I'll be.. that did the trick, thank you! DiscJuggler kinda failed, but rather than dig into the absurd amount of settings, I just tried it in ImgBurn, burned Zelda at the full drive speed, and it worked.


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I've fitted a 5" 16:9 screen, which in 4:3 mode precisely fit the display opening.


I must again express amazement that one year after GameBoy and Lynx there was a battery powered portable that could play soundtrack-enhanced versions of Amiga games.

2020-01-24 21.12.17.jpg

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