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Wayco Wirz

Donkey Kong Coleco box variation question 2600

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Hi guys,

I was finally able to track down a Coleco Donkey Kong sealed in box but have a question. I noticed there are two different versions, one that has the text to the left of the arcade machine and the other with an image of donkey Kong. Can someone explain to me what the difference is between these two? Which one came out first? How hard is it to find the one with the Donkey Kong image? I cannot find it anywhere, sealed or CIB. Thank you





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Donkey Kong is the king of Coleco variations, like Combat is for Atari. Check out this site for a bunch of cartridge and box variations:



There are four different released-in-the-USA versions of the box shown there, one with just a printed date on the inner flap that is different. The cartridges also will show a different "Made in xxx" embossed in the plastic depending on where it was manufactured.


The first four releases from Coleco: Carnival, Donkey Kong, Mouse Trap and Venture; came in the non-illustrated box, and were later released in boxes with the illustration. You can see some side-by-side photos of these on my site:



I have at least a half dozen Donkey Kong boxes, but the only illustrated one I had handy when I was making those photos was sold. The illustrated one is harder to find, but I don't think it's really all that rare (I could be wrong of course). If you are interested in one with the illustration, I'll see if I can find one in storage. 


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