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REAL MOD Tracker simulation in RMT

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One of my most wanted pieces of MUSIC was the "1st Samuari" . What made things bad was always the missing features in RMT.

So I thought about some "simulation" of the missing features.




"this tune has catched me in the original AMIGA version. I tried a lot of different settings for POKEY , to have a version running that resembles the "touch" of the original.  Particular this tune is heavily depending on the features of the used tracker, that's why it isn't possible to make a satisfying POKEY version.  For a demonstration with is possible in RMT of what is missing. Feel free to have a listen. Particular the "heroic synth" is what makes things screwed. I did some "Real Tracker simulation" on several instruments. But keep in mind that RMT also has a limited size in an instrument's settings. Particular 2:07 to 2:20 . The instrument isn't sounding that bad  in the terms of usage.  The visualization shows that it is real 4 channels, thus only 8 bit resolution. But it sounds better than that.

The problem is that all POKEY Tracker were set fixed to the 8 bit resolution, wich can be really bad in PAL btw. Then the music creator has to set a new instrument for every single change in the instrument.  A musician's "catastrophy " is the result. Doing like a real Tracker would allow to set real needed values and to do manipulations like changing the registers of pokey till the instrument fits. Then , needed variations like pitch changes, should be possible in the patterns. It's just that "small" fact that keeps things stalled."


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