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Odds & Ends on eBay: Random Gameboy games, Mac games, Jag scraps, TI manual

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Just a few things I'd like to get out of the way.  Thanks for looking.  🙂


Lot of 3 Nintendo Carts: Power Puff (GBC); Home On The Range & Backyard Baseball (GBA) $5 shipped

4 Vintage Mac software CD's includes You Don't Know Jack & Scrabble $5 shipped


Jaguar TV Game Switch $5 shipped


Atari Action Pack 2 CD and disks vintage Mac $5 shipped


Simpsons Cartoon Studio vintage Mac $5 shipped


Casino for vintage Mac SEALED $6.80 shipped


Lot of Apple II games: Zork I, Type Attack, Where in the World, Magazine disk  SOLD


Box Only for Atari Jaguar Dino Dudes $5 shipped  SOLD


Manual for TI-99/4A RS-232 PEB card $3 shipped  SOLD

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That Q-Bert game you have is awesome.  Haven't seen one of those in awhile.  It's strange, a moment where Tiger dropped the LCD that's segmented to get some more smooth play instead.  Tempting.

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Yeah.  That really is one of the better playing LCD handheld games.  I'm not a big fan of Tiger (I owned a game.com  :?), but they got this one right.

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