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Atari Drives for sale (needs work)

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I've got a small lot of Atari drives that I'm selling.



Atari 1050s:  Two that are complete, one that is just the board.  They all power up, but two won't read disks. There is a drive for the board, but the cable to the read head is severed.


Atari 810s:    Two that are in good physical condition and one that was disassembled (and a couple of cracks in the body/case).  Like the 1050's they power up, but haven't read a disk since our move.


All drive power up, and the disk does the initial spin.  Drives attempt to read the disks, but eventually fail (disk read error).



Most have power supplies included (or not, your choice).



Price - $20 each or make offer.  You can choose all or some.  Will work a deal for for multiple drives or the lot.




Available to local, or anyone willing to pay the shipping and some packing materials. Shipping from North Carolina, 28078.


I'll get pictures up and post them soon.



If there's no interest here, I will post on eBay next.




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I'm in 28078. 


Weigths:  1050:              4.5lb

               power supply:  2.0

               box, packing:   1.0

               total:               7.5lb


Shipping to 98647


    It's just over $33 to ship.


Let me find a lighter box for you!

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