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Odyssey 2 programming - using numbers in a table

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So I have this:

    db  0a0h, 0f0h, 0f0h
    db  0f0h, 0a0h, 0f0h
    db  0f0h, 0f0h, 0a0h

    db    randomtrack1 & 0ffh
    db    randomtrack2 & 0ffh
    db    randomtrack3 & 0ffh   

 Each randomtrack data represents a sprite being on screen. If the value is f0h, then it's not on screen, but if it's a0h then it is. I have this variable called "randomness" that I'd like to put into a code that pulls the number of tracknum that is the value of "randomness" (0, 1, or 2.) So I started to do that. I have this:

    mov r0,#randomness
    mov a,@r0
    mov r6,a        ; randomness now in r6
    add a,#tracknum & 0ffh    
    movp a, @a ;get byte

    mov r1,a
    mov r0,#000h
    mov r7,#1
    call copyspriteloop3   


 The problem is, I don't know what to do with r6 after I moved randomness into it. All I get if I put this in there is a pattern that keeps repeating over and over again, which isn't what I want to do at all. Help me, please.


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I had a look, but I don't know the instruction set nor the system well enough to follow your clever coding.

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