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Kirk Rietveld

Newly fixed PEB. How do I create and load disks?

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Hey all, 


I recently dug out my PEB that I've had for a few years. It had no drives so I put in one from an old Heathkit I had. I used the Diskmanager cart and confirmed that I can format and read disks from the drive. I then went to my Windows 98 machine with a 5 1/4 drive and launched a program called TI99PC and used it to format a new floppy and copy over the contents of a .dsk file. When I put the new disk into the PEB and use the DiskManager cart I can see the catalog of the disk, but when I go into Extended Basic and try 'old 1DSK.QUEST' I get an I/O error. Sometimes the error is 00 or 60. I also can't seem to save a simple basic program with the SAVE command. Is there something I have to do to run the contents of a new disk on the PEB? The contents seem to be there and the floppy seems to be in TI format. What am I missing?


Thanks everyone, 





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Quest and Pennies are game data files for the Tunnels of Doom module. You either need the

module or a disk version of TOD, then load those files. ;-)

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