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Help! History of the Horizon HRD

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I'm looking for help identifying contributors to the Horizon ramdisk hardware (not software) for some documentation purposes.  Here's what I think I know: Ron Gries did the original HRDs, Bud Mills laid out the HRD2000, HRD3000, HRD3000B, and HRD4000 (?), Ron Walters may have designed the PHOENIX mod (?), Gary Bowser may have designed the RAMBO mod (? and the circuitry that "unhides" the upper 2K of ROS or was that someone else?), John Guion may have designed the 32K expansion mod (?), and I've also seen mention of Dave Romer, John Culow and the 99'er users group?


Please correct any/all of this if you know the history and certainly if I'm missing someone.

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at a glance, here is what I have: (NO guarantee for anything) :-D

(red means "not confirmed")

(pink means "definetely confirmed")





And here an actual list of all "HRD"-related stuff in my list:






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