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There is a thread in the Dedicated Systems section but this is fantastic news, imho. Particularly since they have gone beyond the Atari published legacy games to include games by Songbird Production and others. It is a great way to get more exposure for their games (this 17 game cartridge is 1/3 of the price of one of the Songbird game on a Lynx cartridge) as well as support them as it is a fully licensed release.  As a bonus the system allows save states anywhere in the game so Dracula can finally be enjoyed at a slower pace.   


1.       Scrapyard Dog

2.       Basketbrawl

3.       Super Asteroids / Missile Command®

4.       Awesome Golf

5.       Crystal Mines II: Buried Tresure

6.       CyberVirus

7.       Dracula the Undead

8.       Gordo 106

9.       Ishido: The Way of Stones

10.   Jimmy Connors Tennis

11.   Loopz

12.   Malibu Bikini Volleyball

13.   Megapak

14.   Power Factor

15.   Remnant

16.   Super Sqweek

17.   Xump


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Game list
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I guess that every 17 games are now licensed by Songbird, since Carl acquired rights for a lot of license last year.

My opinion : I have heard of Evercade before but was not interested, now, with those Songbird titles (and especially for post Atari releases), I am really interested.

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I don't think all games rights belong to songbirds since they mention other editors on their page, like piko who is not only an active publisher but is also famous for buying a lot of back catalogues.


But I guess only Carl could clear that up :)



For those who wants to know more I'd recommend metal jesus review of the system: 


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