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130 XE Joysticks Right not working

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I was testing a tigger switch and hooked it up from ground to Pin4.  The XE locked up when it was pressed.  I need to see if there is short to 5V+ somewhere on this board.  Hooked to pin 6 it works fine.   Now both ports on the XE do not report right movement with a know good joystick.   Time to replace PIA?  Any Ideas?  Anyone seen something like this?


Thank you

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Strange that one input failing would affect the other.  There's 16 bits of IO which should be independent of each other.

According to the schematic there's inline resistor per line and an inductor and cap for each also.

The default input is 1 and I think that is by way of internal pullup resistor.


Even stranger is if it's failed by being applied to GND since that's the way the controllers work anyway so it's not like you were doing something wrong.

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