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Fairchild Channel F System 2 Chip

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Hey guys, just received my first Fairchild Channel F System 2 as a bday gift and was told it wasn't working. System turns on, led light is on and screen shows vertical lines in green, black & white. No sounds when anything is pressed. Unhooked the ribbon cable from the cartridge reader and no change as well. I swapped out the SL31291 chip with my Fairchild System 1 and it worked just fine, so it tells me the CPU is fine. No burnt spots or heavy oxidation on either side of the board. I looked into the VES manual and the technical guide is suggesting it's a possible PSU problem. Since this system is more compact, I can not make out what chip does what to isolate my problem. Anyone knowledgeable with this or the grandstand clone?


- SL31291 (CPU)

- SL31253 ??

- SL31254 ??

- FCM 9102 ??

- FCM 9101/N ??

- SCM90004C (x4) (RAM)


I'm going to check voltages tonight to be certain I don't have a feed problem. Thanks.

f 1.jpg

f 2.jpg

f 3.jpg

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Power supply is good, capacitors and regulators are working. Definitely a chip issue at this point. Hopefully someone can chime in on what the chips are, primarily FCM 9102  & FCM 9101/N. Thanks!

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7805 regulator was bad, open output leg at 153v. Checked it before and thought I read 5.2v, but after seeing high voltage at the F8 Chip, I went back. System purrs now. 

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