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FS: TI-99/4A Games (Cart-Only, CIB, etc.)

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Finally got around to inventorying my TI-99/4A doubles. Some cart-only, some complete in box (CIB). TI, Atarisoft, Romox and Funware are all represented - some harder to find than others. For the TI-produced cartridges that came in varying style labels and carts, they are original black labels with black carts unless otherwise noted below; similarly, for CIB games that had both original and modern-style manuals, they are original-style unless otherwise noted below. All carts have been cleaned and tested and work great. Please shoot me a PM with any questions, including for pictures and prices. I like to get a dialogue going because I'm always willing to discount when purchasing multiple items. I also have a bunch of manuals not listed that could be paired with carts, so don't hesitate to inquire. Here's a complete list:


TI-99/4 (Not "A") Gatefold-Style Packaging w/ -99/4 Manual


Football CIB

Hunt the Wumpus CIB
Music Maker CIB


TI Complete in Box - Modern-Style Packaging (Plastic)

Connect Four CIB (red label/beige cart; original-style manual)
Microsurgeon CIB
Moon Mine CIB
Moonsweeper CIB
Star Trek CIB
Treasure Island CIB


TI Complete in Box

Alpiner CIB

A-Maze-Ing CIB (modern-style manual)

The Attack CIB (modern-style manual & red label cart)
Blasto CIB

Football CIB (red label/black cart)
Home Financial Decisions CIB

Hunt the Wumpus CIB (modern-style manual)

Measurement Formulas CIB

Microsurgeon CIB

Munch Man CIB

Number Magic CIB (with TI-99/4 manual)

Parsec CIB

Personal Record Keeping CIB

Tax/Investment Record Keeping CIB

TI Invaders CIB x 2
Tombstone City CIB Euro Version

Touch Typing Tutor CIB

Video Chess CIB


Cartridges (cart-only unless noted)



Dig Dug CIB

Dig Dug
Donkey Kong cart + box & warranty card mostly still wrapped
Donkey Kong
Jungle Hunt CIB
Jungle Hunt
Moon Patrol
Picnic Paranoia
Pole Position
Protector II






Parker Brothers



Scott, Foresman

Frog Jump (harder to find red lettering label covering a Tronics Sales Corporation label) + manual
Reading Wonders 10-12 + manual and matching "reader" booklet

Space Journey


Texas Instruments

Adventure (red label/black cart)

Adventure (red label/beige cart)

A-Maze-Ing (red label/beige cart)

The Attack

Beginning Grammar (with TI-99/4 manual)

Beginning Grammar (green label/beige cart; with modern-style manual)

Bigfoot (MBX)

Blackjack and Poker

Blackjack and Poker (red label/black cart)


Blasto (red label)


Car Wars

Chisholm Trail

Chisholm Trail (red label/black cart)

Congo Bongo

Early Learning Fun (green label/black cart)


Home Financial Decisions

Household Budget Management

Household Budget Management (tan label/beige cart)

Hunt the Wumpus

Indoor Soccer

Integers (black label/beige cart)

Jawbreaker II


Mind Challengers

Mini Memory


Munch Man

Munch Man (red label/black cart)

Munchmobile (red label/beige cart)

Music Maker (green label/beige cart)

Music Maker

Parsec (purple label)

Parsec (red label)

Personal Real Estate

Personal Record Keeping

Reading Flight

Sewermania (MBX)

Soundtrack Trolley (MBX)

Terminal Emulator II

TI Extended Basic

TI Invaders

TI Invaders (red label/black cart)

Tombstone City

Tombstone City (red label/black cart)

Video Chess

Video Chess (red label/beige cart)
Video Games 1

Video Games 1 (red label/beige cart)


Yahtzee (red label/beige cart)


ZeroZap (red label/beige cart)



4A Flyer


*I also have a non-working Bigfoot (MBX) cartridge in case there's any interest in rolling the dice in an attempt to bring it back from the dead*


**Post is updated as items are sold, so inventory listed is always accurate**

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