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Historical Value vs. Using the Computer

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1 hour ago, Newsdee said:

It's important to interface your old computers with modern hardware and e.g. know how to transfer files back and forth a modern PC.

If there were ever a course in classic computing, this would have its own chapter for each different machine. This is a very valuable skill or procedure.


What with floppy disks not being the most reliable.. And the vast amount of stuff that's been archived already.. AND you may have personal stuff, logs, diaries, programs, text files, and more; that you want to preserve and enjoy on emulation even.



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I have a confession. I have a brand new 300 baud modem for the Macintosh. While it is not practical for use today, to me it’s just cool to have something brand new from that era. I also have a modem and three games for the Aquarius still in the wrapper, never opened. I can play the games using the aquacart. Too me, it’s just cool to have something brand new like that. I also have a bunch of advertisements for internet services from the early 80’s, along with warranty cards from retro computers. Again, nostalgia.

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Here's a solution I came up with. Get both the PET and the C64. Get both the Apple ][ and //e. Get both the Macintosh 128k AND the SE/30.

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