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5200 OE HSC Challenge 03/2020 Beamrider

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Our game this month is the popular Beamrider, yes, back to shooting something. ;) Play on defaults using real 5200 systems and Atari mfg controls. Era correct 3rd party analog sticks allowed with -1 HSC pt penalty. Only modern exceptions allowed are SD loaders/flashcarts running original ROMs. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records.

Round ends when month does.


current HSC record- Bust it for a bonus point!


Beamrider - (Level 1)
peedenmark7 75,890



Final scores:


25,936  DamonicFury -1+11=10

14,046  zylon +10

12,660  roadrunner +9

8,894  rubeon +8

5,040  RangerG +7


Current standings:


DamonicFury - 20

rubeon - 18

roadrunner - 17

Rogerpoco - 15

RangerG - 11

zylon - 9

hoosierdadee78 - 9

Bemis - 8

troff - 8

Beamrider (1984) (Activision).a52

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i had to take before i used up all my lives
my Beamrider cart is very fussy. 
Keep having to clean it get it to load up and wedge a folded piece of paper
between the cart and cart slot.
Had a 19k score but game crashed



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Seems like a decent enough game, but the zen of Beamrider...escapes me :-D




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This round comes to a close with DamonicFury Marching through the most sectors. 👍 Thanks to those who played, despite having more pressing matters this month. Our next challenge will be up by tonight.


Final scores:


25,936  DamonicFury -1+11=10

14,046  zylon +10

12,660  roadrunner +9

8,894  rubeon +8

5,040  RangerG +7

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