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All Atari 2600, 5200 & 7800 Games Compared Side By Side

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10 hours ago, masschamber said:

always fun seeing comparisons, you could get a few more comparisons by adding the atari 8 bit releases as well


Even comparing to just the 5200, there are some notable differences. Centipede, Space Invaders, and the XE versions of Mario Bros. and Choplifter are obvious examples.


Of course, most of the 5200's differences and enhancements are more subtle and don't necessarily come across in gameplay footage, like the dynamic analog control (greatly improves the likes of Pole Position, Galaxian, Star Raiders, Rescue On Fractalus, Ballblazer, and of course Centipede), a controller with two independent fire buttons (Defender, Choplifter), better/different AI (Pac-Man), or other quality-of-life improvements like intermissions (Pac-Man again).

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