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(sad) news about DEATHWATCH

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Just wanted to share some info on the (great looking, never released) game DEATHWATCH i figuered out today. I mailed Stewart Green of Datadesign who were developing this game and he was kind enough to mail back very quick.

here´s what i asked:




searching the net for the unreleased Jaguar Game DEATHWATCH / BUG i  

finally found your website where it is listed under "History". As i´m  

very interested in this nice and complete looking game for Atari Jaguar,  

i´d love to hear what happend to it, why it never was released and how  

complete it really is.

And of course, if it still is around somewhere waiting to get a small  

numbered fan-base release some day.

I´d love to hear something about it!


and here´s what he answered:



you are the third person to contact me about this work, unfortunately Atari

stopped development before we were finished. They were wanting to

concentrate on 3D environments, 2D backdrops looked fantastic but they

didn't appeal to the marketing bods. Soon after Atari sold up and stopped

production. We no longer have any of the code or graphics, it was stored

with the Jaguar devkits, which have vanished over time. (obviously not

literally, but they are no longer with us!!)


Shame about the Jaguar, along with their previous machines it was a

wonderful bit of hardware, and if Atari had brought out the software to play

on it, it would of beaten Sony's PSX, as it was ahead of the market, like

the CD's for the ST or their handheld,  but Atari failed to invest in the

software, and the rest is now history - shame.  


Stewart Green



looks as if the game is lost... :sad:

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The upside, of course, is that SOMEONE is sure to have them. I don't think too many people threw their Jag Dev kits in the trash when Atari went under. :)

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nice that he said good things about the jag :)

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