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Madcatz fazor pinout

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I just picked up 2 madcatz fazor light guns which came with the sega saturn adapter. I cant seem to find the ps1 adapter online without buying the whole gun again. It looks like it uses ethernet for connecting the adapters so I'm thinking it might be possible to make my own. Any ideas on how I figure out the pinout for the fazor so I could wire a playstation  controller plug into a ethernet port for the gun to plug into? The picture on this listing should give you an idea on what I'm talking about https://www.amazon.com/Mad-Catz-Fazor-Gun-Sega-Saturn/dp/B00001WRJR#immersive-view_1584193904299

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If I had to guess there is some active circuitry inside those adapters which decodes the light gun information into the appropriate communication protocol for each console. I don't think simply re-arranging the wires will work.


Your best bet is to either design a circuit that decodes the saturn controller protocol and converts it to the ps1 protocol, or just buy the gun again since building it yourself will certainly cost more. Never hurts to have backup hardware either.

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