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Pi Day - Calculate Pi on the TI

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19 hours ago, Vorticon said:

Well it seems that the random shot method has its limits. After 14.3 billion iterations, PI has converged to 3.141076. I guess we're not going to get that 4th decimal after all. Interesting...



Hi !


The RND function used has a precision of 1/4096 = 0.00024.

The best we can expect is a value in PI +/- 0.00024

3.1413 and 3.1418



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Supposing that every value of the RND generator appears as many times as the others, here is a calculation of the "Best PI' you can expect according to the number of bits of the RND value.


Note: for MLC, the number of bits is 12.


100 INPUT "# of bits in RND : ":B
105 S=0::R=2^B-1::R2=R*R
110 FOR I=0 TO R
120 S=S+INT(SQR(R2-I*I))
130 NEXT I
140 PRINT "Best PI with";B;"bits"
150 PRINT 4*S/(2^(2*B))
170 GOTO 100

Take care of the calculation time. Use the CPU overdrive mode...



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