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*SOLD* Analogue Mega Sg (Genesis FPGA Clone) with Ecco Games and Other Good Stuff

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Hi everyone!


This is my first post here, so I hope I’m doing this right. I have a bundle of goodies to sell. Everything is practically new except for the Ecco games. The games have some wear but still are probably better overall than most copies out there. They were the best I could find at the time, and I can send pictures if I need to. Everything else looks perfect and was bought within the last four months. I only used the HDMI switch on a 1080p TV, so I haven’t tried out the 4K and HDR functionality.


1x Analogue Mega Sg (Complete in box with all original accessories)

1x 8bitdo M30 2.4ghz Controller with Genesis Adapter

2x Retro-Bit 6 Button Controllers (Licensed by Sega)

1x Sandisk Ultra 16gb SD Card

1x 10ft Male to Female 3.5mm Audio Cable

1x 5 Port 4K 60hz HDR HDMI Switch with Remote

1x Ecco The Dolphin (Complete in box with manual)

1x Ecco: The Tides of Time (Complete in box with manual)


For those that don’t know, the Mega Sg is a FPGA clone of the Sega Genesis. It’s a great way to play your Genesis games on a modern TV since it doesn’t add any input lag beyond the TV. It also has a previously unreleased game by DICE called “Ultracore” on the system. It also can play Master System games with the included cartridge adapter (still wrapped in plastic), and there are more adapters available to buy that allow you to play Game Gear, Sega My Card, SG-1000, SC-3000 games. Oh, and the system can easily be jailbroken to play games from a SD card. The system can also be customized by simulating scanlines and adjusting the sound. Since the Genesis had several models with different sound chips, it caused trouble with some games audio depending on the console model. The Mega Sg allows you to fix this by switching a setting on or off as needed. The Mega Sg is also region free and accepts cartridges from all regions without modification. There’s a couple of very good Mega Sg reviews by My Life in Gaming and Digital Foundry on YouTube if you want to know more. It also doesn’t have any sound lag like the Genesis Mini.


I paid around $350 for everything listed here including tax and shipping. The Mega Sg alone was $190 plus $17 shipping. I’m asking $225 for everything including shipping within the lower 48 USA. If you are worried about me being new on here, I can point you to an amateur astronomy website where I have a lot of feedback from buying and selling things. I take very good care in packaging my items, and I will provide a tracking number.


Thanks for looking!!!

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Here are the pictures!


Let me know if you need better ones or would like to see something closer. The last picture highlights a slight indention on the top middle of the cartridge.


I’m also throwing in a HDMI cable for the HDMI switch.


Thanks for your interest!







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Sold. send me a pm and I will paypal you right away.

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Posted (edited)

Part of the bundle is currently pending to someone else, but if it doesn’t go through, then the above poster gets it, and if that falls through, then it goes to whoever else wants it. Haha


The Retro-Bit controllers, HDMI switch, HDMI cable, SD card, and audio cable are still available. I could sell them cheap as a bundle if anyone wants them. The controllers aren’t the crappy ones, but are actually really nice. Lots of good info on them online. Also the HDMI switch is some generic one, but it works perfect, made out of metal, and has great cable management. All the cables plug in the back unlike a lot of them.


Everything is now SOLD

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