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Ten Pence Arcade Vectrex Controllers

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I have just got the overlays for my new joysticks. They are going to be £70 + postage. I am located in the UK. Postage to the US, I'm guessing will be somewhere between £14 to £17?

They are available in 3 different overlays and I can do them with the joystick on the left or right (for all y'all lefties out there!)

The overlays have numbers on them, but won't in future batches, so I can use them on left and right variations and I can also change the buttons from 3,4 / 1,2 to 1,2 / 3,4.


The joysticks are Sanwa copies (almost exactly the same) and the buttons are proper Sanwa OBSF 24.



All 3.jpeg




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Victor, these look really nice and I would definitely be interested if I had a Vectrex. 


On a side note, the 'left handed' arrangement only became the that way after Donkey Kong came along and screwed everything up :)


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