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Atari 2600 games for trade

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Hello all, I have some dupes of the following 15 games and below that is a short wish list of 4. Anyone up for a trade?


15 trading:  Defender,  Warlords,  Pac Man,  Stampede,  Dodge 'Em,  Missile Command,  Combat,  Space Invaders,  Asteroids,  Freeway,  Laser Blast,  Astroblast,  Casino,  Space Attack,  Carnival

4 seeking:  Barnstorming, Activision Ice Hockey, Activision Tennis, River Raid 


To be honest, all of my games haven't been tested.  But I took good care of things over the years, and they worked the last time I used them some time ago...  so all should be fine.



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Pretty sure I have maybe all of them.


I know at least River Raid and Ice Hockey. I'll send you a PM.

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