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GBSVGA Genie 2.0 Pre-Order is Up

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The GBSVGA Genie v2.0 Pre-order is up at the link in the message.


GBS VGA Genie V2.0 Pre-Order HERE


GBSVGA Genie 2.0 integrates a LM1881 sync seperator to clean both the horizonal sync line.  This board then connects to a GBS8200 Video Convert Converter board which will convert the 15kHz RGB signal to a standard VGA signal.  The GBSVGA Genie V2.0 also has been interfaced to use the 'gbscontrol' external firmware which is programmed into a ESP8266 WEMOS D1 Mini module which allows a smartphone to configure the display paramenters. 

The unit has an audio output that can connect to any PC type speakers with a 3.5mm audio jack.

This unit can work with a Geneve 9640 or any other unit that supports 15kHz signals such as the EVPC and AVPC cards.   

If used with the Geneve then I recommend to purchase my Geneve Video to DB9 adapter.  This will allow you to use a straight through DB9 Male to Female cable.  And no need to solder any DIN connectors.

Geneve Video 2 DB9 Adapter Board

The GBS8200 is sold seperately.


GBS8200 (sold separately)
Modification to the GBS8200 board to produce the best possible display:


RGB-Potentiometers MOD

Power Supply Bypass MOD

Foil Tape across DRAM lines and then grounded

All the above fixes will be documented in my setup doc to come soon.

See photos attached, left photo of dragon is from the GBS8200 on a real Geneve and the right is from Geneve Emulation via MAME.

All boards tested.


Due to different makes and models of monitors and GBS8200 units your experience may vary.

Board will be GREEN.






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