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Tandy 1000 sx problem

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Recently picked up a Tandy 1000sx cheap. Booted it up and got this screen. Removed all the RAM chips but got the same screen, except ram size had changed. Any ideas where I should go next?



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I'm not sure if this will help or not. I would identify the ram chips by number written on them (4164or whatever they are I don't have an SX, I have TL,EX & HX) and replace all the socketed ram chips at the once. Probably not too expensive to do so. If this doesn't help (being socket should be an easy test) then it's probably the soldered chips and that will be a much more difficult fix but can be done with a desoldering iron.


The SX will take 8 256k x 1 150ns DRAM chips. The chips go behind the other RAM chips near the front of the machine. You also need to remove the jumper labelled E1-E2.



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Thanks, i pulled all the ram chips out at once and got the same screen. I will try the other socketed chips and see whether that changes anything. If its a soldered chip, i will save that til i get my hot air station.

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