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Curt Vendel

Atari XE Section of Atari Museum is being updated

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I've started the 1st and 2nd pass of updating the Atari XE section of Atarimuseum.com - new engineering memo's and technical documents from July through December 1984 have been adding, giving a much broader look into what the Tramiel Atari was originally planning for the XL series of computers, how the product designs changed by September into a cost reduction roadmap for the Atari 800XL and 800XLF series and how the lower cost 900XLF series would become the 65XE.  How a 128K 800XLF prototype would then become the 130XE...  


Details on "MUFFY" a combination FREDDIE and MMU chip that Atari worked on through August of 1984 and details of the use of an integrated 8049/1770 disk controller originally designed for the cost reduced 1450XLD called the 800XLD were originally planned for all of the new XLF systems, but dropped at the end of August 1984...


Much more coming in that whole section along with updated photo's and more memo's and documents, this really gives a much better window into what happens from the XL to XE series, though it is much more clearly understood that the XE's were just 800XLF's from the Atari Inc days renamed XE's...





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Curt, how much more stuff have you got that is still boxed up waiting for discovery..


hopefully lots as its a joy to read your site, thank you..

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