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Thinking of selling my Sunnyvale heavy sixer.

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I have the original box (no packing materials inside though) and I have a Harmony cart.


Just wondering what a ballpark figure would be on its value.


If it's not worth much I'd rather keep it, but if it has value I can use the money.




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you could easily get $100 for the Atari & box.  Possibly $200-300 -- Depending on condition & completeness.  Does it have CX-10 controllers?  And paddles?  Do the paddles say "Atari" on them instead of "paddle"?  And if so, condition of the controllers.  Is the power supply grey?  Or black.  It should be grey to match a heavy sixer.  Check the serial number and if it's a low number that helps, as lower serial #'s are more sought after.


Harmony cart should add another $50-75, I guess.

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