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Drol - Apple II HSC 2020

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deadline to post scores is May 1st 2020 at 12PM EST

Game info -

Published by
Brøderbund Software, Inc.
Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, PC-88, PC-98, SG-1000
Side view
2D scrolling
Arcade, Platform

Apple II Credits (1 people)
Benny Aik Beng Ngo
Benny Aik Beng Ngo


The author, Aik Beng, only credited himself using his two middle names. His full name is Benny Aik Beng Ngo, the brother of Tony Ngo. Drol (and Bandits) were independently developed and then published through Sirius and Brøderbund, respectively. Benny Ngo developed Drol while he was attending college. In fact, in the early days, quite a few games were developed by students then published through companies such as Sirius, Broderbund, Sierra, etc.
In 1991, an unofficial 16-bit version for Commodore Amiga was released by Cachet of "X-Copy" disk copier software fame with enhanced graphics and sound. Programmed by Jörg Meenen, Holger Graefe and graphics by Sebastian Dosch.
The was originally named Trol. Brøderbund Software, Inc. suggested the final name Drol as in "drol". Drol is Dutch for "turd".

Information also contributed by B.N., Garcia and John Romero

Any corrections please post


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Almost beat the 4th round but I forgot about the drone that shoots you if you stay in the air too long.




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7 hours ago, jblenkle said:

Drol - 4,145

Is there any way of killing that bird or do you just have to avoid it?


Shoot it 5 times and it turns into a turkey worth 500 points.

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This round is over , congrats to Tempest

Next round coming up...

Final high scores -

Tempest 21,875
roadrunner 6,515
jblenkle 4,145


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